Rebranding — Aktion Pink e.V.

"Aktion Pink Deutschland e.V." is a association for breast perservation and for the cure of breast cancer. In Germany it is one of the largest association in this field. Aktion Pink and my university got together as collabroation partners in order to develop a new corporate design for their association. In small groups we were working on the issue and implemented in the end our own concept which we then presented to Aktion Pink in a Pitch. While we all in my teamy took equally part in the conception of the new design I was in charge of animation, layouting the final logo and creating several print applications. 
We decided in our team to rethink the Corporate Design in a more universal and clear way. It was for the association especially important to adress not only the people affected by breast cancer but also their families, friends and supporters. Because of that we added besides the main color pink another two colors as an contrast. These colors also work as a gradient to represent the diversity and joy in the association. The new logo got with the breast cancer ribbon visually even more stronger and works now also alone as an simple and comprehensible symbol.

Other Work

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