obacht magazine 

Our own life is filled with CONTRAST. Two things that are the total opposite of each other and which influence our way of thinking or how we categorise situations. Black and white, rich and poor, rain and sun, city and village, silence and noise, happiness and sadness. Almost every word has its contrary partner and it is this we are dealing in this issue.​​​​​​​
obacht is a self-organised student magazine from journalists and graphic designers of the University for Media, Communication and Economy Berlin since 2016. The editorial staff publishes in each issue, articles for recurring sections about stories of daily life, culture and dedicates in every edition, one section to a new, specific topic. The main purpose of this magazine is to give students the chance to gain experience in print and be able to experiment. I have been working on obacht from the first issue, and in charge of Art Direction since issue No.6.
Format: 233 x 297 mm
Size: 64 pages
Font in use: Acumin, Minion & Goldenbook

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