yoko ​​​​​​​— Plant care app concept

Almost everyone loves plants at home but not everyone is immediately an expert when it comes to taking care of them. That’s why I decided to design an app concept for a tablet device at home which helps and guides people in improving their green thumb. Taking care of your plants needs time and dedication. Meet your new friend: yoko. 
The main idea for this concept was to create a character for an artificial intelligence. My goal was to make it very friendly and supporting, almost like a real friend who would help you with your plants while still remaining the feel of a very knowledgeable computer program that you can rely on. To achieve this goal, I decided to use as an example personal wording inside the app and make the user connect emotionally more with their plants by having to name them. All other elements and the general layout of the app are designed to be easily understandable and make you feel calm.  

Other Work

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